Diff Code Update 7 Nov

It’s been a relatively quiet week for Diff Code Oil traders. We have had three trades signalled, two of which were successful which has left us pretty well flat in terms of overall performance.

For Diff Code Europe on the other hand, things have been hotting up …

Our wish was granted and the leftover trade from last week duly obliged by closing on Thursday at the designated profit level. This trade took its time to mature as there has been a noticeable shrinking of the trading ranges this week.

Following on from this we have had an exceptional trading week with a trade highlighted for every day of the week and all but today’s (Friday) being successful.

Despite this losing trade (it’s inevitable we’ll get some), we have made significant progress this week by constantly testing new highs.

In summary a notable profit realised for the week, with five wins and just one losing trade.

I know that many Oil traders have been desperate to get their hands on Diff Code Europe, and I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing this next week – please watch for my email, plus a substantial saving for Diff Code members who want to reduce risk by trading both strategies alongside each other.

A final note to ex-MRP members – please use the support@diffcode.co.uk email address to contact me going forward. (Of if you have any queries about membership or admin, you can contact my publisher on the usual address: support@thamespublishing.co.uk)

Enjoy the weekend.