Update 27 Feb

Last week’s update was fairly straightforward and concise and this week is much about the same albeit busier and even more successful. Both Diff Code Europe (DCE) and Diff Code Oil (DCO) had a clean start to the week with no trades carried over from the previous week.

Diff Code Europe had a trade indicated for every day of the week. All closed trades completed successfully at the designated profit target and today’s trade (Friday) is still “alive and kicking”. Up until today, DCE had just completed a consecutive run of 7 winning trades which is always a very welcome feat. Fingers crossed for the eighth.

Diff Code Oil matched DCE in so far as it also had a trade signalled for every day of the week. Again, all trades completed successfully at the required profit limit and like its “sister” it is having a notable run, recording just one small loss from the last 11 trades. Today’s trade completed a fantastic week for its followers after hitting yet another new high.

We are experiencing a tremendous run from both strategies at the moment and DCE has seen a marked improvement in February after what was a disappointing January. I know a few clients gave up along the way, which is such a shame as I have always advocated “Diff Code” being a long term strategy. I also strongly recommend that clients diversify the risk further by trading both strategies alongside each other as I believe this enhances the chances of further and sustained profits.

I know that many Europe traders are keen to get their hands on Diff Code Oil (we’ve struggled to keep up with demand) – the good news is that the new manuals are in production right now. Mark will let you know as soon as they hit the warehouse, which should be any day now.

Have a good weekend.