Update 13 July

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all flagged amber signals for DCG (Diff Code Global) this week. The first trade of the week was Friday and this one is still live and in positive territory as I pen this report. I will let you know how it fares next week.

There is nothing to report on DCT (Diff Code Transatlantic) this week as every day returned an amber signal. As a result, there are no trades carried forward into next week.

Amber appears to be the dominant colour this week, with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday flagged for DCE (Diff Code Europe). The first trade of the current week was Thursday which duly obliged by finding its target in afternoon trading on the day of inception. Friday was also a trade day and that one remains open so I will report on it next week.

Contrary to the other instruments, DCO (Diff Code Oil) had a very active week with signals apparent for each of the available days. I am pleased to report that four of the five have been successful to date, with Friday’s effort still “waxing and waning”. I will include this one in next week’s update.

If you are working with a fairly modest bank you may find that 5% produces a stake that is below the minimum. In these instances, it is probably wise to step down from trading until the markets normalise and get back to sensible proportions. I certainly would not recommend trying to “tough it out” by compromising your staking plan and over extending yourself. You may miss a winner or two along the way, but at least you will live to trade another day. Personally, I would welcome (and feel more comfortable) with a reduced trading range where the profit target is around 100 points or below.

The hot and sunny weather continues. Have a lovely weekend!

Kind regards,