Update 1 Feb

The first DCG (Diff Code Global) trade this week was on Monday and that one closed at a loss just as the afternoon session began. Amber signal on both Tuesday and Wednesday meant that the next available trade was on Thursday. This one duly obliged by hitting the designated profit level at the beginning of the afternoon’s trading session on Friday. Friday’s trade is still “waxing and waning” as I pen this report and I will update you on its fate next week.

Similar to DCG, DCT (Diff Code Transatlantic) started the week off with a losing trade but Tuesday returned a winning trade in the afternoon session of the same day as it was incepted. Wednesday day flagged an amber signal so no trade on that day. Both Thursday’s and Friday’s trade are both live (and in positive territory) as I write this report and will be updating you on both of these next week.

If you are working with a fairly modest bank you may find that 5% produces a stake that is below the minimum. In these instances, it is probably wise to step down from trading until the markets normalise and get back to sensible proportions. I certainly would notrecommend trying to “tough it out” by compromising your staking plan and over extending yourself. You may miss a winner or two along the way, but at least you will live to trade another day. Personally, I would welcome (and feel more comfortable) with a reduced trading range where the profit target is around 100 points or below.

I hope you enjoy the first weekend in February.

Kind regards


Martin Carter