About Martin Carter

Martin Carter has been trading the financial markets for more than 30 years. He spent a good part of his life as a risk manager for a leading financial services firm, before progressing to Assistant Vice President.

But some years ago, aged just 49, he decided to “retire” from City life because he was fed up with watching these big-time investors taking huge risks (with other people’s money). The events in the financial sector over the past few years have proved that Martin’s concerns were very justified.

Since leaving the City, Martin has strived to create a trading method that did away with the risk-taking mentality that’s driven into traders by the big brokers (the exact same firms who are profiting from all this risk-taking).

The Diff Code is the culmination of this work, combining Martin’s advanced knowledge of risk-management, using arbitrage and mean-reversion techniques in a way that allows ordinary traders to access these low-risk returns.