“I’ve been telling other people about [it] also, but you know, I get this funny reaction- namely disbelief- they think it’s just not possible, exactly the same reaction I would have had a couple of years ago!!! In fact a couple of years ago I was struggling to believe I could even gain more than what the bank gave me! A big change and I’m very grateful for it.”

“I invested £750.00 … since the 4th of last month and my account is £2400 as at yesterday.”

“I’m thoroughly enjoying my experience with [the strategy], and since September 2013 have achieved some 30% return. I’m totally sold on it and look forward to even better results with your enhancements. Thanks for the system!”
DB of Stockton

“Your ISI tool is a truly wondrous thing, loathed by spreadbet firms, but loved by your subscribers in equal measure. I sometimes toy with the notion that Dynamo–Magician Impossible may have created it himself, as it works like magic! Certainly, it’s the closest thing to a crystal ball, I’ve ever seen. Move over, Mystic Meg. The real deal is Mystic Martin! Many congratulations again on creating the world’s most consistently successful trading strategy…. bar none.”

Simon Foster

“I am trading both and can’t believe how consistently profitable they have been.”

“A gullible trading guy who has lost shed loads of money buying rubbish systems over the last 5 years……………and finally these two systems came along.”

“I have been using this system since the start line, and still find it the most effective piece of kit.”